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We create new standards for socio-ecological sustainability



Out-growers is an impact-driven company. We have designed our business model to accommodate women and youth. We target to improve smallholder’s livelihoods and natural resource management. We aim to scale our solution with a competitive business and climate-friendly approach. Social and environmental well-being is part of Out-growers ideological backbone. 



We extract value from agricultural residues into ISO-compliant products under UNIDOS Waste-to-Energy solution. We utilize shell residues, transform them into bio-oil, and use it in our processing facilities. In addition, we supply excess production to local companies replacing their consumption of fossil fuels.  Simultaneously, we extract bio-char, a carbon-rich by-product, and use it as a soil ameliorant in farmers’ plots increasing farms carbon storage potential.



We care about our environmental footprint and use a circular thinking approach to reduce harmful emissions. To the best of our knowledge, our HARAMBEE is the only cashew factory in the world running on its own energy. We use solar power in our processing activities making our factory climate-friendly and self-sufficientAdditionally, we offset material use, reduce energy consumption, lower transportation costs, and cut CO2 emissions by using local clay bricks.